Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Model and Editor

First time to be an artist and an editor in just one movie. And being an White Lady is one fun role to be. At first i really don't want to be on this film but then my friend don't have any artist to be borrowed so they decided to let me in since i was there and doing nothing. I also did the editing of this film and i pretty like the way it finish

Thursday, May 8, 2014

P.A.O Photography

I was being modeled. (kidding) My cousins decided to make an enhancement of her photography. so, for her to accomplish it i was being chosen to modeled for it. at first, it was awkward to pose on the public but later on i'm used to it. haha. More details on www.shielamariereyes.blogspot.com 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Public Service Announcement (PSA)

We are tasked to make a 30 seconds video and the theme is Public Service Announcement or what we called PSA it was a bit hard to think what will be our topic and then we came up with cramming since now a day teenager tend to cram because of internet or doing unimportant things than to the important things so, we decided to make it this video. At first, its hard to make it 30 seconds because we did have so many ideas and scenes but then it was required to be 30 seconds so i make it always fast forward and less the scenes we took so, this is it. i hope you could enjoy and understand what we're trying to say. thank  you :)

P.S i was also there to act as one of her classmate


Way back February 3,2013, When we're tasked to create a cover of a magazine i was the one who designed the magazine but we group-mates are the one who thought of the title and the topic that will be put in the outside of the cover and it's end up with this idea. this was not the finish product but this was the next to the finish product because i created the finish product on school so we already printed it out and give it to our professor and forget to save the finish product so i'm so sorry for that. 

I Want You Back

Want you back- Cher Lloyd (Music Video Cover) from Shielareyes on Vimeo.

Behind The Scene of Want u Back (Music Video Cover) from Shielareyes on Vimeo.

this is my first ever edited music video. i'm really not happy about it but my family,friends,classmate and professor told me that it was one of great video for just a first timer so i just told to myself that it was a better video so eventually i became  proud of it so, i'm sharing this to you so you could also watch the video i just created. i hope you could also like it. thank you :)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sandals are Boring Wear Sneakers

I have a habit of taking my shoes whenever i saw Flowers or something green. I just find it awesome even if lots of photography or people will also make or take picture with grasses or flowers hahaha plus i also love my Converse and i think i will always wear it. it's been proven in my post in shielamariereyes.blogspot.com my fashion outfit there has always converse shoes. Check it out :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Midnight Dinner

I've been very busy lately because of school. Paper works are been my boyfriend in the whole semester and thank GOD  it's finally over so my parent's decided to have some midnight dinner for having no time to sleep properly and having those foods are really stress reliever. 

P.S This was only taken by a Z10 blackberry phone